Home Base
The Challenge
The creation of content for all players on a roster has long been one of the Motion Graphics department's most time-consuming tasks. Relying upon spreadsheets of information risks the potential to display on-air errors, misspellings, and out-of-date information to our viewers.

The Solution
Partner with technology to conceptualized and developed Home Base, an internal web-based tool that provides easy and instant access to team information and rosters from an existing database.

Production introduction and training
The “infomercial” was created. 

Platform: Internal Website
Launch Day: August 24th, 2018

Product Developers
Jason Crook
Li Shim
Thomas Ignatius

Design and Animation: Alecka Edwards
Camera & Editor: Gerald Lovelace
Producer & Writer: Marissa Dempsey
Art Director & Product Developer: Belca Bedoya-Pedyna

Main Office Worker: Carlton Pitts
Office Worker 2: Erik Mazurick
Office Worker 3: John Enright
Office Manager: Patrick Tassos
Home Base User 1: Marissa Dempsey
Home Base User 2: Justin Linde
Home Base User 3: Alyssa Barrale
Home Base User 4: Eric Nelson
Voice Over: Scott Lodge
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